Ode to the fan

18 Jun

I love sports fans. There is no experience like the excitement and energy of being around other sports fans. When you share a spectatorship with strangers, it only takes moments to establish an unparalleled camaraderie and esprit de corps. Suddenly, you become part of a brotherhood. You’re part of the club. As I see it, being a sports fan fulfills a basic human desire: a sense of belonging.

via baseball-fever.com

I talk about sports with anyone I can squeeze some team loyalty or athletic interest out of. Yesterday I had an exhilarating conversation with the security guard at my building that started with baseball, and forayed into hockey and basketball. A good sports conversation doesn’t just happen on it’s own, however. I am admittedly an instigator who prowls the streets of the city with my team’s cap on, hot on the scent of dissenters and supporters alike. #sotalktome

In the age of virtual networking and social media, connecting with other sports fans around the world is now easier than ever. The game itself has evolved with real-time discussions via Twitter that bridge country borders and time zones. Blogs create endless platforms for sportsreaders and sportswriters, whether amateur, casual, or professional. Although this may be a stage for the  stormy squabbles of rivalry, I focus on the opportunity for consolation from my faraway fellow fanmates (I can’t believe that’s not a word yet, I’m writing to UrbanDictionary.com now…). My online network of sports fans is my virtual family, with whom I share a sacred bond, because as one of my classmates reminded me today: “There aren’t any other #BlueJays fans in New York.” Yes, thank you, I am well aware of it. #foreveralone.

Sports fans, keep on doin’ that thang you do. Embrace your fandom, your fanbase, and your fanmates!

via sports.yahoo.com

… And if you happen to be a Jays fan in NYC, hollerback or tweetout: @Elise_Myers

**UPDATE: 06/21/11** Dude! Check it out! I am officially a neologist. My word is in the dictionary. #imgonnabeacelebrity


2 Responses to “Ode to the fan”

  1. Louise June 21, 2011 at 1:07 am #

    hollerrr! oh wait, I’m not in NYC… yet! :p

    • Elise Myers June 21, 2011 at 7:42 pm #

      Careful, Louise, I might take you up on that, you’ll have to watch some games with me!

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