Spreading societal collapse… on toast

21 Jun

Do you ever get hooked on something? Phonics. An edible substance, perhaps? A scrumptious little snacky you just gotta have #everydayatleastonce. Say, almond butter?

If my memory serves me, I have been at the mercy of this glorious spread for a few years going. Years filled with creamy satisfaction and almondy delight. (Not to be confused with almondy joy™.) It is possible that almond butter is the nicotine gum to my peanut butter obsession. I forced myself to stop buying peanut butter because, to put it in gentler terms, the peanut butter thing got out of control.

via foodbeast.com

One reason to love almond butter: It comes in a jar. More foods should come in jars, agreed? Jars are just dandy; they come with lids, which is a bonus. Also, once emptied of their delicious contents, which doesn’t take long, jars are ready for repurposing. Jars are prime candidates for holding pencils, if you’re primitive enough to still own any. Jars even make swell vessels for your coin collection, if you don’t use plastic. Jars are also fantastic projectiles if you’re in an argument! #dramatic

I always have to keep several jars of the divine nectar stockpiled, because, you never know.

via afrocityblog.wordpress.com

And while we’re on the subject of post-apocalyptic societies and the impending economic collapse, how about that Y2K? #butseriously


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