Alert, Nunavut & the procrastinating student (PART 2)

27 Jun

Dear readers, do you believe in fate? Happenstance? Serendipity? Because I do.

It just so happens that today’s Word of the Day is hyperborean, as shown above. This was not just a coincidence; it was a sign. It was a friendly reminder to me, from the nice folks at Merriam-Webster. They reminded me that I never followed up on my scary story of Alert, Nunavut, which you can read here.


The reason for my delayed update is primarily that once I began researching Alert, the less frightening and mysterious it seemed. The less frightening and mysterious it seemed, the less eager I was to share the information I unearthed.

Alert, Nunavut is home to a Canadian Forces Station for receiving intelligence signals. In actuality, the base seems like a summer camp to me. …And by “summer” I mean ice cubes and ice skates and highs in the 40s and snowmen and five months of night (ok, so it is a little spooky). Highlights of the base include an indoor gym with a two-lane bowling alley, a recently remodeled cafeteria (with reportedly delicious food) and, best of all, a radio station.


The only question I’m left with is this:
Where do I sign up?


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