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28 Jul

I took it upon myself (with unbridled enthusiasm) to chronicle historic hair in baseball for Around The Horn on AerysSports.

You may recall that first, we took a look at The Beard, with the All-Beard All Stars. Now, class, it is time to learn all about The Mohawk. From Johnny Damon’s famous fauxhawk, to the sensational Rayhawks of 2008, to (needless to say) Brian Wilson. Relax and take notes.

Click on the image below for the link:

Who Let The 'Hawks Out? Reuters via


Mid-season crisis

13 Jul

I’m having a mid-season crisis. Not unlike a mid-life crisis. But what would I know about that? I’m not even quarter-aged! As you (may or may not) know, the All-Star Game, which was yesterday, marks baseball season’s midway. Thus, right now, I’m having one of those glass-half-empty moments, because the season is halfway over. Woe is me!

I’m legitimately on the verge of a breakdown. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking: “A breakdown? Don’t be so dramatic.” But folks, this is real. Like, I want to call my therapist real. In the past 24 hours, I ate a whole tub of salsa (not even good salsa). And half a jar of peanut butter (ok, that was good). And I almost cried yesterday when I got a late bill payment fee. And now I’m listening to sad, sad, songs shuffle infinitely on iTunes.

It’s a little bit like this (allusion via my Religion and Literature course): Baseball is my Messiah, and I’m poor Peter, crying out: “But, dude, you can’t leave us, you’re awesome!” Then Baseball turns to me and says: “Get behind me, Satan.” I’m left feeling like a fool. Of course Baseball season must end, in order for the season to return and bless us once more. Followers of Baseball know this. </ metaphor>

Back to real life. This season has been by far, so far, the most fantastic/fanatic season in the history of all my fandom. Never have I watched so many games; never have I read so many blogs, tweeted so many tweets, viewed so many memes, etc. you get the gist. More importantly, never before was I a sports writer, and never before was I so involved┬áin the game; re: this is a passion that goes far beyond spectating. Baseball is now an integral part of my self-identity. Baseball has consumed a large percentage of my life, and now that I can almost see the season’s impending end looming on the horizon, I want to know how I’m going to fill the void. I guess what I’m really getting at is: I’m going to need a new hobby.

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For now, I need to enjoy each Baseball-filled day to its full potential, not dwell on this so-called “doom.” When that final day in September arises, I’ll deal with it, but for now, the season is still in full-swing, there’s no time for All-Star break blues!