Mid-season crisis

13 Jul

I’m having a mid-season crisis. Not unlike a mid-life crisis. But what would I know about that? I’m not even quarter-aged! As you (may or may not) know, the All-Star Game, which was yesterday, marks baseball season’s midway. Thus, right now, I’m having one of those glass-half-empty moments, because the season is halfway over. Woe is me!

I’m legitimately on the verge of a breakdown. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking: “A breakdown? Don’t be so dramatic.” But folks, this is real. Like, I want to call my therapist real. In the past 24 hours, I ate a whole tub of salsa (not even good salsa). And half a jar of peanut butter (ok, that was good). And I almost cried yesterday when I got a late bill payment fee. And now I’m listening to sad, sad, songs shuffle infinitely on iTunes.


It’s a little bit like this (allusion via my Religion and Literature course): Baseball is my Messiah, and I’m poor Peter, crying out: “But, dude, you can’t leave us, you’re awesome!” Then Baseball turns to me and says: “Get behind me, Satan.” I’m left feeling like a fool. Of course Baseball season must end, in order for the season to return and bless us once more. Followers of Baseball know this. </ metaphor>

Back to real life. This season has been by far, so far, the most fantastic/fanatic season in the history of all my fandom. Never have I watched so many games; never have I read so many blogs, tweeted so many tweets, viewed so many memes, etc. you get the gist. More importantly, never before was I a sports writer, and never before was I so involved in the game; re: this is a passion that goes far beyond spectating. Baseball is now an integral part of my self-identity. Baseball has consumed a large percentage of my life, and now that I can almost see the season’s impending end looming on the horizon, I want to know how I’m going to fill the void. I guess what I’m really getting at is: I’m going to need a new hobby.

via craftycorner.blogspot

For now, I need to enjoy each Baseball-filled day to its full potential, not dwell on this so-called “doom.” When that final day in September arises, I’ll deal with it, but for now, the season is still in full-swing, there’s no time for All-Star break blues!


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