About Elise

Elise Myers is a storyteller studying Botany at Humboldt State University in Northern California, with life ambitions that will somehow encompass organic farming, alpacas, bee-keeping, nutrition, meditation, education, and travelling.

Elise’s passions are cooking, writing, picking flowers, modelling, sweating, hula hooping, practicing French, and blogging about/talking about/tweeting about/and just plain old watching baseball.

You can catch Elise cheering for her favourite baseball team, the Blue Jays, although she’s not from Toronto (yet!), she is an Honourary Canadian, thank you.

Elise writes best when she should be procrastinating. And procrastinates best by writing. She is also a fan of haiku, witty banter, tattoos, Wes Anderson movies, capybaras, craft beer, daisy chains, and raspberries.

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